13 Apr 2014

WA State RR Champs 2014

Fantastic days racing on an unforgiving course. Jono Bolton and Sam Davis eventually reeling in a bold 80km solo move by Anthony Giacoppo. Sam outlasting Jono in the uphill grind to the finish


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03 Apr 2014

Tour of Adelaide 2014


Stage 1 Report

When you find yourself packing a 28 tooth cassette prior to departing for a tour, you know that you’ll be experiencing some serious pain in the near future…

The 2014 edition of The Tour of Adelaide was not one to beat around the bush. Moments before commencing stage one a brief scan around on start line of other riders gearing ratios quickly confirmed that the days par-course would be offering some opportunities on some steep slopes, Satalyst-Giant were eager to take advantage of them.

The stage commenced in a very violent but distinctive N.R.S fashion, with speeds immediately exceeding 50kmph as it left the outskirts of Angaston behind in the heart of South Australia’s famous wine-producing region of the Barossa Valley.

A break of 15 riders quickly established some breathing room ahead of the peloton roughly 10km into the stage. Satalyst-Giant were represented strongly by both Mitch Cooper and Jackson Mawby. The duo managed to evade the wrath of the peloton right up to the base of the infamous Corkscrew Road assent amongst the rest of their break away companions. As the switchbacks commenced up the devastating gradient of the Corkscrew climb Wesly Sulsberger and a Carramurry rider hit it off the front of the break, Mitch and Jackson were quick to respond but lost contact towards the top of the climb but still managed to summit the 2.5km berg ahead of the rest of the break before commencing the descent towards the finish. The front runners of the peloton unfortunately gained contact with the Satalyst boys during the descent, yet Jackson produced a strong kick towards the line which resulted in 5th of the stage, 1st in the young riders classification and additionally 3rd on teams classment.  Mitch Cooper is also sitting 2nd on the young riders classification.

Meanwhile the sheer gradient of the Corkscrew totally obliterated the peloton. A handful of riders managed to power clear of the carnage that was begin spat out of what was left of the peloton including Satalyst riders Alex, Brendon,  Mat Marshall, and Kane who all finished briefly behind Jackson and Mitch’s group ultimately contributing in a second position overall in the teams classification.

The Satalyst-Giant boys all put down an extremely powerful and cohesive effort today and will look to protect both Jackson’s jersey and the Satalyst-Giants position on team GC during tomorrows stage two in Woodside.

By Mat Marshall

Stage 2 Tour of Adelaide – by Kane Walker.
Stage 2 of the 2014 Tour de Adelaide was sure to excite, taking in some of the spectacular roads around Hahndorf, the German Heritage town (best Beestings and Bratwursts going around) as well as the surrounding country tracks (yes I mean tracks). Even though the weather sort to chilli the boys burning ambition to consolidate on a top previous day’s performance, we took to the starting line with a firm plan and desire to execute. Fortune would however not be our friend on this day.

The first of many mishaps left Matty Marshel chasing after an early crash resulted in many riders, including some GC contenders, contemplating whether to re-mount or take the easy road home. Soon after, Andrew and Bobby got the call over the radio to assist a troubled Jackson. A small issue turned into a disaster for the ‘Young Riders Jersey’ wearer, seeing him 15kms off course and unable to re-join the race.
With plans now changing by the minute, the remaining SGR boys hit the first of 6 dirt sections resulting in a taste of real riding. The experience left everyone with a great appreciation for the riders of the Stada Bianchi and Roubaix style classics alike.
Matt was the next casually, suffering a puncture, which left him standing on the side of the road waving a wheel to no avail. Car after car passed him and he soon resided to the notion of walking home. Luckily for him the sag wagon found him soon after.

The peleton looked significantly smaller after the first lap however most riders seemed to suffer from punctures of mechanicals that lack of power. A welcome reprieve was the late break that slowed the pace to a controllable manner allowing riders to take a breath. Riding well as a team, the remaining SGR boys re-grouped and slotted in behind the chasing teams. Position is everything in a race like this and the crosswinds that battered the ridge line after the feed were reason enough to ride near the front.

Joel was next to find the grass in what was described as a spectacular commando style hurtle of the Guard Rail before disappearing into the farmer’s field. The rider who found the guard rail was not so lucky. The assessment of wounds would have to wait till the finish for Joel as he clawed away another lap to ensure a start in the next stage.

Brenden’s time had come as he lost his chain after a mishap near the feed zone resulting in a chase of 20 odd km’s. He was strong enough to re-join, however with a somewhat wounded engine. Mitch came to grieve soon after on the 4th dirt sector, with a puncture that left with a hard chase that wouldn’t see him re-join the race.
The hopes of SGR now rested on the shoulders of the 3 remaining riders, Brendan, Alex and Kane. The last lap was always going to include a fireworks show and it didn’t disappoint. A split went as Alex made his way to the front, leaving Brendan and Kane to monitor the movements of a less than inspired peloton (that was the race that just went up the road).

Alex simply needed to pick a few of the key players to follow and try to get a clean ride to the end in order to contest the stage. Unfortunately there were a multitude of players in this’ cream of the crop’ split, resulting in a tough ‘catch 22’. The move that went on the 2nd to last dirt section would eventually decide the stage winner; however Alex was unable to answer. He crossed the line in a respectable 16th on a very tough day of racing. Brendan and Kane made it home with the main peloton a few minutes further afield.

While the day was not filled with champagne showers and top step views, it was still a day of experience and reality checks. Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.
Campbelltown Kermesse Stage 4 | Tour of Adelaide 2014 |
Report by Joel Strachan

Final stage of the tour of Adelaide and the boys were all pumped ready to go after a couple of previous rough days at the office. The conditions were what you could say were champagne cycling with light winds and a bright South Australian sky. We couldn’t ask for anything better!

So off we went, as usual with NRS criterium it went from 0- 60 kph and it just didn’t really let up from there. An early move crept of the front which was being controlled by Budget Forklifts. The move included our young 17 year old Matt Jackson who has been solid and consistent all tour and was rewarded by riding up front early and crept into a move which included stare studded cyclists with the Boss of cycling Mark O’Brien, Darren Lapthorne, Burnie Sulzberger, Wesley Sulzberger, Jack Beckinsale and Frazer Gough then later to be joined with two monster riders Lachie Norris and Joe Cooper.

As the break kept creeping away but being well controlled by impressive Budget Forklifts the rest of the Satalyst boys were slugging it out in the Pelton which remained at serious pace. Big boy Alex McGregor stayed up front keeping watch on any further moves they may have left a few napping and would give him a chance to launch like the Apollo13. The big unit for the South Island was like a sea beacon 15th wheel and didn’t look like getting out of that position all race. Solid.

Matty Jackson rode like a total boss mixing it up in the move best of the best Australians riders and eventually fell off the back due to the huge pace from the above mentioned riders, with approximately 7 laps to go, the young fella just couldn’t hang on anymore. Massive kudos for the young man being aggressive and taking the race by the horns. Massive effort.

The rest of the boys were battling it out as the Pelton thinned and the laps came down to the final crunch. Alex remained in the final group of 40 riders, and the rest of the guys trickled in moments after.

Brutal course with road furniture everywhere and the team remained up right for the entire stage which was a plus due to the complexity of the course. Showed great bike handling skills.

Overall during the tour we were active in every stage and made the most of opportunities that presented themselves. That’s what its all about. There is some serious power within the group and in time will become a excellent cohesive unit battling the front annoying the likes of Avanti Racing, Budget Forklifts and Drapac.

Everyone rode well and hard with there heart on their sleeves, sure we had a couple of rough days but excellent signs were shown.

Personally it was my first ride of the team and I had a complete ball, there is a great team camaraderie atmosphere and quality management within the team.

Well done guys and plenty of positives to be taken out of the tour. Onwards and Upwards. If we all believe in ourselves we can be there on the top step.

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28 Mar 2014

Tour De Perth 2014

Link to Results, reports and start list on CYCLINGNEWS.COM

Stage 1 Report

STAGE 1 TDP Update – It was never going to be easy with 153 riders fighting it out on a hot dog Crit for the first stage of the first NRS race of the year. And that it wasn’t, with crashes every couple of laps our teams aim was to get throu…gh in one piece and set our fast boys up for the finish.The team did a great job and with 6 laps to go we were on the front setting the pace, the bell lap eventually came and we were in a great position unfortunately with a couple of hundred metres to go a Pat was caught in the crash and Sam just behind it.With Sam finishing 9th and Pat able to walk away with only a broken bike stage one was over, bring on stage two!

Thanks to all our sponsors and hopefully we put on a good show for the Satalyst Giant Tifosi members watching from the Esplanade Hotel

Stage 2 Report

Stage 2 started out of kalamunda today, it was a very warm start to the stage so today we knew that our nutrition was going to prove vital.

The race started out reasonably controlled, after one lap of the 15km circuit we saw a small group get up the road, it had about 5 riders in the move none of which we saw as a threat so we as a team sat near the front to keep an eye on things. As we got halfway into the race it started to hype up a lot attacks were going and coming back we were represented in each move until it sort of came to a we claim patch before the main move went away, a group of about 10 guys got away, myself included and the pace ramped up we quickly came across to the breakaway and some of the breakaway riders were able to stick with us. I had a fairly steady ride on the back of the breakaway as I was one rider vs teams, the likes of Drapac and Avanti  that had 2-3 riders represented in the break so it wasn’t my responsibility to do any work really.

As we approached the last few laps (2) I decided to take on as much food and drink as possible I was racing most of the day on my Torq gels and electrolyte and taking on as much be I could going threw the feed zone. As we got to the final few kilometres I saw the time gap coming back steadily so I thought I’d assist with the pace as I had trained a lot up the final climb and I felt pretty good, coming into the final climb I set the pace and lead up the early stages of the it only to be caught 2 thirds of the way up, I tried to follow the front and really dug it in, riding threw some very painful cramp I was able to come away with 14th place only a minute from the leader and moved myself into 14th on GC, putting good time into riders behind me.

Overall the team finished the hardest stage of the tour everyone making time cut so we are all very happy with that and looking to all ride very solid time trials tomorrow.

A quick thank,you to all our supporters and staff you guys were great and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Alex McGregor

Stage 3 Report – Aaron Slavik

Today was stage 3 of the woodside tour of Perth. A deceptively tough 20km individual time trial around the picturesque rotto Island.

The team was dealt an early blow with the withdrawal of team captain Pat Shaw from the race. The injuries suffered in his hard crash in the finish of Wednesday’s crit catching up with him. We all hope he’ll be back in time for the up coming tour of Philippines.

The course had a lot of little hills and some technical corners and a nasty little head wind on the back part of the island which made finding a rhythm elusive.

The day saw my self of first and it didn’t take long before I found out that rotto is not flat as I struggled to find a tempo that was comfortable.
During the middle part of the course I was struggling and lost probably a minute.
I then came good towards the end of the TT and managed to get my avg speed up over the 42kmh mark which isn’t that good but could of been worse!

The stand out rides of the day were Alex MacGregor with a time of 26:26 for 21st place, Sam Welsford with 26:34 for 25th place and Jackson Mawby with 26:38 for 29th, which gave the Satalyst Giant team a decent teams classification result.

All the other boys rode a respectable time and all made the time cut off which isn’t as easy as it sounds with Joe Cooper winning with an avg speed just under 50kmh!

Tomorrow is bound to be another hard day with the battle for GC honours yet to be sorted. The lads will be doing there best to get Alex McGregor higher up on GC who is currently sitting in 12th place.

Stage 4 Report

Today was the last stage of the tour de Perth for 2014. The 114km race around perry lakes was quite tough with a short but steep little climb, going up it 14 times would be the crunch time in the stage.

The boys were ready for a hard day as the big teams were fighting it out for GC honours. Unfortunately Pat our team captain had to pull out due to injuries from a crash earlier in the tour but spirits were still high and we were looking to get Alex Mcgregor into top 10 overall.

The race was really hard and fast at the start, a few boys were caught up in a crash in the first couple of laps and had to pull out which was disappointing but we still had a job to do. All the boys left rode good position and were very strong all day, which was really good considering it was day 4.

I finished up 20th in the stage and the boys were there abouts. It was a great result for the team this week considering it was our first race for the NRS season, so defiantly bigger and better things to come this season!

We roll on to Adelaide tour next week and then tour of Philippines. Should be a good month, looking forward to it.

Thanks again to all the supporters, staff and volunteers made the week run smoothly!

Thanks Matt Jackson.

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03 Mar 2014

Pemberton Crit 2014

A few photos from the Pemberton Crit with Theo Yates taking the win in a sprint.

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16 Feb 2014

Renaes Race 2014

A few photos from Renae’s Race at Vic Park today. In no particular order, the 6 Satalyst riders who raced today, as shown in the group photo, were Michael Fitzgerald, Brendon Meney, Jackson Mawby. Jonathon Bolton, Theo Yates and Tim Sellar.

A great result with Jono Bolton pipping Luke Durbridge in a 2 man sprint. Thanks to Roues Chaudes for another well organised race, as well as the other competitors and volunteers.

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27 Jan 2014

NZ Cycle Classic 2014

The next challenge for the Satalyst Giant Racing Team is the 2014 NZ Cycle Classic, which starts on Wednesday.

This international tour has cemented its position as New Zealand’s premier stage race. The 2014 edition has attracted the strongest-ever field contesting the UCI 2.2-rated event. The Satalyst Giant Team, a mixture of youth and experience, comprises:

  • Pat Shaw- Team captain
  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • Kane Walker
  • Theo Yates
  • Alex McGregor
  • Gary Boylan-Team manager
  • Adrian Spinelli-Team physio

Big thanks also to Brett Tivers, one of the Team’s alumni who lives in NZ, for giving up his time to help the Team out with local support and knowledge.


Stage 2 - Three SGR riders in the top ten today at the NZ Cycle Classic! More info when it comes to hand

Update after stage 3 -Michael Fitzgerald 7th, Pat Shaw 11th and Alex McGregor 15th. 2 riders in contention for General Classification. Pat Shaw 13th @ 17 secs.  Michael Fitzgerald. 23rd at 14 seconds behind race leader

A great week of racing from all involved at the NZCC and for all our helpers like Brett Tivers who was a key helper in all that we did over there.

In summary we finished 6th in GC with Pat Shaw and 4th in the teams classification.

Thanks for all our sponsors for helping make this possible.


YouTube Videos

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23 Jan 2014

Tifosi TDU Sundowner Jan 2014

The Satalyst Giant Tifosi again hosted a sundowner in Adelaide during the Tour Down Under. It was a great night at the Belgium Beer Cafe with over 60 Team sponsors, Tifosi members,  Team riders and their guests catching up with mates and enjoying the range of Belgium beers on tap. Most of the crew were from WA but some of the other guests included Andrea Nicosia (PuntoTours) from Italy and Phil Anderson.
There was a bit of excitement at the end of the show when the Satalyst Giant riders who had been racing in a late evening criterium arrived with the news that Jono Bolton was the overall winner of the 3 race series

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20 Jan 2014

Norwood Crit 19 Jan

Jono Bolton carried his good form from Nationals to Adelaide winning the A grade Norwood CC kermesse from a 3 man breakaway including Sam Davis.
Good news for those coming to the Tifosi TDU sundowner. Brad Linfield will be joining us. Brad, who previously rode for the Team, has earned a ride in the TDU as part of the Uni SA team.

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10 Jan 2014

National Crit Titles 2014

Pat Shaw has won the Sprint Jersey in the Elite Mens national Crit Title.
After the team was well represented by Michael Fitzgerald in 5th and Jono Bolton in 13th we have a fine display from Pat to claim the sprint jersey ahead of the eventual winner Steele Van Hoff of Garmin.
Well done to all the boys who raced today we look forward to seeing how you all end up on Saturday (U23) and on Sunday (Elite men’s)
We thank all of our sponsors for making this possible.

Kind Regards -Wayne Evans

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04 Jan 2014

Michelton Bay crits

A strong Satalyst Giant team will be contesting the Michelton Bay crits this week including a special guest rider.

The Team:
Pat Shaw
Kane Walker
Jackson Mawby
Tim Sellar
Guest : Mark O’Brien

Mark is one of Australia’s leading riders and won the year long overall national road series in 2012. We were struggling to find a 5th rider to fill the spot from within our ranks with many riders committed to their build up for Road Nationals and track nationals. The boys are very pleased to have such a reputable rider join the team for the series.

The racing should be on SBS mainstream television over the coming weeks so keep a look out for the boys in black and orange.

Stage 3 – Nice work Pat Shaw and the team with a 2nd place – some good company there

2014 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic Report:Kane Walker
Is there a faster way to start the New Year? Not likely! The 2014 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic marks the first race of the 2014 cycling season here in Australia, subsequently the debut race for the Satalyst Giant Racing team for both Pat Shaw and myself (Kane Walker). We were joined by the young and upcoming talents of Jackson Mawby and Tim Sellar; both eager to soak up all the experience they could from the racing ahead. Mark O’Brian stared as our guest rider to round out a young and ambitious team.

Stage one always brings with it a sense of anticipation and dread. Some would shy away from the demanding hot dog style circuit of the beach front, due to its volatile nature. Three of the SGR team started, Jackson, Tim and I. Being the first stage, nerves where tense and carnage was a high possibility. Jackson was unfortunately a victim of the repetitious cornering, coming down part-way through the hour long race; however true to his dedicated nature, he was back on the bike and eager to get the most out of the racing. An early break proved to be too much for the chasing bunch, therefore lapping the field. As the race progressed some of the boys tried to get across, following various moves, however these moves did not amount to anything as the break was moving too quickly. The SGR boys retired in the bunch, satisfied to get through the first stage relatively unscathed.
Stage two provided a new opportunity to get into the action, as always position and race sense would be the lessons of the day in this professional field. Joining the team today was Pat Shaw and Mark O’Brian; Pat started the day with a straight to the point pep talk “prove yourself; I don’t give kudos were it ain’t due!” Both Pat and Mark proved to be on good form, making regular appearances in moves. Both Tim and I found the splitting field, early in the race, to be our down fall (refer to lessons of the day- positioning in crits). High winds buffeted the peloton at either end of Eastern Gardens and the fast tailwind on the rough downhill section required maximum effort each lap if you were too far back in the field (one metre blew out to ten in the blink of an eye.) The team was working well together; I closed a few gaps, allowing Marko to move up the front and Pat was teaching Jackson to following moves. This proved beneficial for Pat finishing 14th (however disappointed not be in the top 10). Pat’s high standards and self-expectations are projected to the whole team and results in everyone pushing for greater goals – an excellent role model.

Rain and Criteriums never mix well, throw in the Portarlington circuit with two downhill sharp corners and steep ascents from the beach make a great spectacle for the viewing audience. The Men’s Support Teams race was the first victim of the weather, seeing two riders hit the deck mid race – red flagging the race for the day. Unfortunately the weather also claimed one of the female racers, crashing in the warm-up lap – such is the volatility of the Bay Cycling Classic. Fortune would shine on the Elite Men’s race, as high winds were the worst of the weather. The racing started at a furious pace, as always, the peloton scrambling into the tight corners before the first climb of many. Cold legs would prove disastrous, however the SGR team settled into the fast tempo of the early racing. A crash leading into the climb, about 20mins into racing saw a huge breaking up of the field. Pat had capitalised on his previous day’s momentum to seek the early move and found himself in the company of the previous U23 World Time Trial Champion Luke Durbridge. It wasn’t long before the break had a commanding lead that would see them to the end. Pat was only just edged out by his prestigious breakaway compatriot in a tense headwind sprint, while the rest of the boys endured another day of top shelf racing. Congratulations to Pat for a stellar ride, showcasing the team colours proudly for its first of many podiums for the year.

Final day; the Williamstown circuit proved to be lightning fast from the start, with the first four GC placing’s within a few points of each other. The near hurricane conditions tested the race barriers nearly as much as the riders. This course is renowned as a tight, fast circuit with repetitious bottle necking into the roundabout followed by crosswinds winds smashing the riders; leaving very little chance for recovery. The first 15-20mins was one big pace line. The teams obviously wanted a bunch kick for their GC contenders to be able to contest the intermediate sprints, thus gaining much needed points in a bid for overall glory. With any breakaway doomed to fail, it was inevitable that the finale would allow the crowds to view the fast men at their game. It did not disappoint, with young beating old, seeing Caleb Ewan taking the stage and dark horse Brenton Jones taking GC for his biggest win to date. The SGR boys were content with a solid week of hard racing that brought valuable experience to a young team. The podium result was a great morale booster to round off another Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic.

The younger riders in the team showed great resilience to the professional racing and are sure to have gained valuable experience. Bravo Tim and Jackson. Special mention must be given to Kath and Andrew Mawby for their un-dwindling support of the Satalyst Giant Racing team during the Bay Cycling Classic, as well as the major sponsors that make our competitive participation a reality: Seight Custom Cycling Clothing, Giant Australia, Torq Nutrition, Satalyst, Mcdonalds WA, Inforcrank and Cyclemania. Bring on the next challenge.

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