01 Sep 2014

2014 Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland

2014 Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland | 3 Sep – 7 Sep

The Satalyst Giant Racing Team is travelling to Warragul for the next round of the National Road Series starting on Wednesday. The Team will be looking to continue the aggressive riding that has seen Satalyst Giant move up to 5th place on the overall NRS Teams rankings. The Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland features seven stages across the greater Gippsland region from the 3-7th of September.

The Satalyst Giant Racing Team:

  • Pat Shaw – Team Captain
  • Kane Walker
  • Jackson Mawby
  • Theo Yates
  • Alex Smyth-continuing to build some form after a long injury recovery period.
  • Mat Marshall
  • Aaron Slavik- Good to see Slav back in the NRS
  • Sam Welsford-  charging after picking up a gold medal at the World Junior Track Championships.
  • Andrew Jackson-DS

Aaron Slavik Stage 1 Gippsland Report inc Theo winning Most Aggressive rider jersey.

Stage 1 of the Lakes oil tour of Gippsland started out to a big crowd in the home town of fellow team mate Kane Walker, Warragul. The bunch was nervous and several crashes ensued. Luckily none of our boys came down. The two main breaks of the day we represented well with theo and Kane reading the moves perfectly.

The First KOM all the boys rode over in the pelo and the quick decent to the bottom of the second KOM meant little time to reposition. Pat was our best placed rider over the 2nd KOM took out 3rd. Unfortunately we missed the break that went after the climb and pat called the team to the front to pull it back. Kane, Theo and Jackson rode like demons and the break was reeled in with 1km to go. This meant however that we didn’t have the firepower to position our sprinters were we wanted. But there is always tomorrow.

Theo’s efforts earned him the Most Aggressive rider jersey, our 4th in the last 7 road stages in NRS competition
Alex Smyth Race Report – Stage 2

Stage 2 was an undulating 115km with three major hill climbs. The 3km neutral was mostly down hill and had the bunch on edge. The team positioned themselves well for the opening kilometres of the race as it was straight uphill from the start of the race. No major splits happened in the race until the 50km mark where 7 riders got out to 1min and 9 seconds maximum time gap. Team leader Pat Shaw suffered a puncture just before the move went and good team work by Theo Yates brought the duo back to the main peloton after there were two major splits on the second hill climb of the day. There was some major depth shown in the field today as the average speed was high, but there was a big bunch that crossed the finish line together after a solid pace was set buy the two giants of the race in Avanti and Budget Forklifts.

The two Giant Bicycle teams in the bunch again took out the top two spots in the team classification for the stage, Charter Mason – Giant winning and Satalyst – Giant taking second.

It was a good feeling for me, having a slow leak in my back wheel, to finish in 6th place in the stage. Thanks to Kane Walker for advising me to put tyre sealant in my wheels before the tour, allowing me to finish in the bunch when the leak was plugged with about 15km to the finish.

Hats off to Matthew Marshall who attacked more times than I can count in a fatigued state on the last hill climb, showing he is gaining good climbing form coming up to tour of Tasmania. Another big shout out to Sam Welsford who (almost single handed) closed a rather large gap that formed mid race up one of the major hill climbs. Sam also suffered a puncture early in the race.

The team is staying in Sale tonight, the same town as the criterium and the start of the afternoon road stage tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a test as the longest road stage for the tour containing the largest hill climb for the tour, after a 36km criterium!

From out on the road,

Stage 3 – The Sale Criterium -Alex Smyth Race Report

With Team Avanti in the leaders jersey it was up to them to control the criterium on the fast rectangle course in sale this morning. Smooth roads were a welcome feeling for the bums of the riders throughout the bunch as many were feeling the hurt after two days on rather bumpy high grade bitumen.

The pace was solid but not super quick as three Avanti team riders controlled the pace behind an early escape of two riders. The two riders out front were slowly extending the gap when Pat Shaw, one of the most experienced riders in the whole bunch, decided to do a faster turn bringing the pace of the bunch up by about three kilometres an hour and bringing the time gap back down by 7 seconds in one lap.

The whole team held good position for the majority of the race and were unlucky when swamped by a large bunch of riders on the final laps. A rather easy race had a lot of the fast finishers fresh at the finish. The afternoon stage with a big hill in it has the bunch trying to conserve a lot of energy. 130km with a rather large hill climb (7km with pinches of around 12%) has all the general classification riders chomping at the bit. Slightly different tactics for the Satalyst team going into this stage with very few hill climbers and a young perth team should prove to be very aggressive and I’m sure there will be some very sore legs by the end of the day.

from out on the road,

Stage 4 – Showing Fatigue…by Alex Smyth
Everyone knew that the afternoon stage was going to cause a huge split in the field. There was a major hill climb that started 54km into the stage, and tired legs mixed with speeds of 30-35km/h up the climb in the bunch caused multiple small groups to be formed. Speeds of over 90km/h on the decent meant that lots of groups came together on the straight flowing decent.

There was an incident on some raised train tracks early in the stage which young rider Jackson Mawby was unable to avoid, winding himself and making a huge effort to finish the stage with the main bunch.

Matt Marshall and Pat Shaw were the protected riders for the team and they were put in prime position leading into the climb. Both of them made front bunch which crested the top of the climb just behind the break away, they quickly motivated the group to help it survive because they knew that we had two strong riders that would be able to finish strong in GC as well as Teams GC benefiting. However, the remaining 60km the bunch would linger between 1minute 10 seconds and as low as 12 seconds in front of the bunch. After Pat followed numerous attacks Matt told him to sit on and he would ride to keep that bunch of climbers away for a small bunch kick. Without that effort we would not have achieved our teams GC result. Pat now sits 6th on the General Classification and Matt Marshall 12th on the overall standings.

The main bunch was able to close the gap to the dropped break away riders right on the finish line. A scrappy long sprint showed how tired the sprinters legs were after a long day in the saddle.

Everyone here is looking forward to the last two days of racing this weekend.

from out on the road,
Stage 5 – Pain in Paynesville – Alex Smyth Race Report

There were some sore legs at the start of the stage this morning. The usual line up to the start line wasn’t fought for as hard as usual as the race started with 4.8km of neutral. Chatting with various other teams, the general consensus about the race was that most teams were happy for a bunch sprint, although a ferocious start didn’t allow any moves to go when team Budget took up the reigns and the bunch didn’t seem to drop below about 46km/h even up the hills. Short and sharp was the terrain, with some very narrow roads through the valleys in between. At stages of the race there were reports of the bunch being single file and stretching back over 400 metres as they snaked through the ‘belgian-esque’ terrain.

The team were very active early in the race, with Kane Walker being in the most promising move early on when one of the strongest riders in the peloton and companion of Kane’s in the break away, Michael Freiberg had a collision with one of the scout motorbikes and crashed in the centre of the road. The incident calmed the bunch down significantly and there was a smooth, but still a solid pace set until the first KOM where the bunch went, to be quite frank, pretty bloody hard.

Marred by a crash mid way up the climb in the centre of the road there was a solid chase buy the majority of the field as the climb flattened out. Only Pat Shaw and Matt Marshall were in front of the crash. The bunch was mostly back together again 65 km in as the terrain steadily got harder with dead roads and attempts at breaks going.

The second hill climb touched on 12% (according to my Garmin) and I was able to witness the ever improving form of Matt Marshall as he attacked and almost held off the field for points in the Hill Climbers Jersey. Unfortunately the climb flattened out before the top and he was just pipped on the line by some punchy climbers but looks to be in good form for some of the stages of Tour of Canberra and Tasmanian style climbing.

The bunch came together in the last 15km and there were some very tired legs in the bunch. The 97km had fatigued not only the legs of the riders but also the minds of some of the bunch and a simple overlap of wheels with about 1km to go saw about 15 riders hit the deck on the windy lead in to Metung.

A huge lead out by Pat Shaw saw him single handedly take on the entire Avanti lead out train and take me within 300 metres of the finish line. With a left hand turn less than 200m to go Scott Law from Avanti Racing Team slipped up the inside around the corner. I let him get a small gap and had a run at him for the finish line but was just overtaken buy the fast finishing Raph Freinstein (Charter Mason – Giant) by a wheel at the finish.

A close one but a huge relief to see that some form is coming along for the remainder of the season. A huge thanks to Andrew Jackson and Jamie Kelly – both who took me aside before the race and talked some sense into me to tell me that it was all in my head, not in my legs. As always, someone who does not get enough recognition is our team manager Wayne Evans. He supported me through multiple operations at the end of last year and his faith in my ability never wavered.

The last stage of the tour tomorrow has a later than usual start, beginning at 1pm. A hotdog circuit around Traralgon typically splits the field multiple times as there is a nasty hill that needs to be crested 30 times with some sharp and almost stand still corners at each end of the course.

The team is super excited to get active and capitalise on any opportunities that may arise in the stage.

from out here on the road,


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13 Aug 2014

2014 Tour of the Great South Coast

2014 Tour of the Great South Coast  |  13 Aug – 17 Aug

The next National Road Series event for the Satalyst Giant Racing Team is the Tour of the Great South Coast. Conducted in Victoria’s rugged and spectacular south-west region, the 5-day, 8 stage event kicks off today with two stages in Mt Gambier. The Team will be looking to build on the some promising signs from the Tour of the Murray where the results included a top 10 on GC and a podium position.

The Satalyst Giant Racing Team lining up for the Tour of the Great South Coast is:

  • Sports Director: Andrew JACKSON
  • 51 Patrick SHAW – Team Captain
  • 52 Kane WALKER
  • 53 Jackson MAWBY
  • 54 Jono Bolton
  • 55 Mathew MARSHALL
  • 56 Theodore YATES
  • 57 Mitchell COOPER
  • 58 Alexander SMYTH


Jono Bolton’s Race Report

Kicking off a tour with a double stage was never going to be easy.
Throw in some rain and a maximum temperature similar to our minimum’s back in Perth, bang! Welcome to the Tour of the Great South Coast.

Stage 1 – A relatively simple crit course with four corners and a little hill.
With a bang we were off. Starting close to the back and missing my clip I spent the majority of the race trying to get to the front. The majority of the team did well to get in good position and ride representing I’m the majority of the moves. I finally got close and with 4 laps to go tried to have a little dig off the front. This was to no avail and I was brought back fairly soon after. Coming into the finish the team was hit with a bit of bad luck with our two fast guys Theo and Pat getting caught up in a bit of a crash but luckily they were both able to ride to the finish.

An hour and a half is all we had after the finish of stage one and the start of stage two, leaving us just enough time to get some lunch down and put on some fresh kit.

Stage 2

10 laps of a just over 6 km circuit; almost all up hill for the first half and mostly down for the second.

With a sprinkle of rain and the sound of the starters gun we were off.
With sprints and KOM points up for grabs on alternate laps the pace for the first lap wasn’t too bad. With not much action for the lap I was able to get myself into a good position for the first sprint.
Staying close to the front once the points had been claimed and the pace slowed, I decided to attack hoping at least someone would come with me – but to no joy. I decided to keep riding hoping a group would come across. Sure enough one did, but this was soon wound back in and I was able to take a bit of a break, Still being close to the front I was able to follow a few more moves but unfortunately none stuck. It was good to see the team being well represented up the front and not many moves going uncovered.

After a bit more of a rest I decided to have another dig on the far side of the course. After getting a bit of distance I was joined by 4 more riders and with the chance to have a bit of a sit in I managed to get one of the sprints. Not long after we were joined by a couple of other riders and then the group. Again good to see the giant satalyst colours in the mix at the front. With not much left in the tank I did my best to stay with the group and cross the line. After finishing I was stoked to hear I had be awarded the most aggressive rider. Well done to Pat for finishing in the top ten and a couple of the other boys up there to get the team third in the teams category.

Bring on tomorrow!
Race report – Stage 3

Stage 3 of the Tour of the Great South Coast brought a welcome rest day for the majority of riders in the field today. A fast start to the race didn’t allow any breaks to form after the 1.3km neutral section. There was a small break of just four riders that gained a large gap when half the peloton stopped for a “nature break” about 30km into the stage. The bunch was well controlled by just a small number of the Team Budget train keeping the rest of the team fresh for the final kilometres. 75km into the stage the gap had dramatically dropped to the peloton and the break were within sight. The bunch didn’t want to catch the break too soon as that would cause major counter attacks, so as the budget train tried to let the gap increase Satalyst Giant rider Theodore Yates took the initiative and attacked with two others bridging across the gap quickly and joined the breakaway. As a strong unit the break sprung out to over 2 minutes in front in a matter of minutes and the bunch once again enjoyed the buzzing of the freewheel as they slowed to a comfortable pace.

Unfortunately the break with Theodore was plagued by team politics and when they lost cohesion the bunch quickly sucked them back and the race was destined for a bunch kick with around 15km to go in the stage. A high pace mixed with a straight finish caused an absolutely chaotic finish to the stage, and it’s amazing that there were not any serious injuries in the final kilometres. A quick detour via a nice green paddock helped Pat Shaw avoid a crash and enter the top 10 places in the finish while the rest of the team sucked up places in the top 20 getting the team second in the teams classification for the day.

Tomorrow’s stage 4 is a criterium, right through the fishing town of Portland. 30 laps of a 1.6km circuit which contains two hairpin turns and a steep hill will test the legs of the team and the fresh legs in the bunch. The forecast is for nice weather with light winds. The morale is high going into the stage and a good team effort has helped boost the confidence of all the guys here on tour.

From out here on the road,

Mitchel James Cooper & Alexander James Smyth
Team Satalyst-Giant
hoo haa

Jackson Mawby Race Report Stages 6 & 7.

What an outstanding day for the team!

First up was a 40km criterium around the narrow streets of Koroit. The back straight was particularly treacherous. A two-lane road narrowed to one lane side street through a corner. The peloton played it cool, however, and everyone kept it upright. The crit provided a good opportunity for the sprinter folk in our team to give it a hot crack. Pat, Theo and Alex united in the intermediate sprints in to protect Pat’s second place overall. Pat picked up several bonus seconds and retained his second overall at the crits end. The team rode aggressively, with Jono and Jackson both making several attempts to get away. Pat ran 5th in the bunch sprints to pick up 6th on the stage.

The arvo rolled round for a 105km road race, finishing in Peterborough. The race was super aggressive. Breakaway attempts continued right up till the 50km mark where Avanti finally let a break go away. Kane represented the team well in the break, picking up bonus seconds in the intermediate sprints. Jono, aggressive as always, also did a fine job marking breaks. Avanti controlled the race, and by the 80km mark, the peloton was groupo compacto. A 12 rider break slipped away, containing Mitch and Jackson. Mitch contested the KOM in order to protect Pat’s second place on GC. This provided an ideal launch pad for Jackson to launch across to Cameron Peterson, who followed through with a move after placing 2nd in the KOM. Cameron and Jackson worked well for the remaining 15km, caught with less than 1km before the finish. Jackson was gutted the break didn’t stay away, but picked up the most aggressive rider.
The team also won teams classification afternoon, making it two arvo road races in a row, putting the team in the second place overall on teams classification. With a good performance tomorrow, the team could potentially win teams classification.

The team is very proud of their efforts today. Tomorrow we will ride aggressively and hope to win teams classification.

Pat Shaw – Team Captain
Tour of Great South Coast in review

Back home in Ballarat after what was a very successful week for the Satalyst – Giant Racing Team. Firstly the ability of the team as a whole, riders, mechanic (Jamie Kelly) and manager (Andrew Jackson) to push to be better as a unit has impressed me immensely.

We began the tour with firm goals; to be aggressive and create our own opportunities. To everyone’s credit in the team we did exactly that in securing three of the most aggressive stage awards during the tour.

We factored in every major break away during the tour and always fought hard throughout the stages. Which resulted in a fantastic 2nd place in the overall Teams Classification. To achieve this it takes the full effort of all 8 riders everyday in every stage, with the help of Jamie and Andrew with the work between and after stages they do this was made genuinely a lot easier to achieve.

Huge shout out must go to Kane Walker, 14th on GC whilst racing the tour as a massive foundation for our group Kane also spends a huge amount of time on our evening meals making sure the riders and staff are fuelled for the next day and getting the nutrients required to recover. His efforts are as usual with Kane well above standard and not easy job especially after the long hard days on tour.

A big cheer for all the boys, listened to team plan everyday and followed it, even if it seemed crazy, as mentioned our plan was to be aggressive. This made the bunch weaker over the stages, which allowed me to break away on the hardest stage of the tour and take a total of 23 KOM points, securing the jersey for the team and elevating myself to a high individual GC. I’m very heavily marked in these races and without the relentless and highly fatiguing work all the boys do to help me I would not be able to achieve the high GC results I have been.

Although we are not the biggest team in the NRS we sure raced as well as any other this week. We did our sponsors, supporters and ourselves proud, no doubt. Without the support from our sponsors we are nothing. Huge thanks to our title sponsor Satalyst, we really appreciate your support and without it we couldn’t be doing any of this, the huge steps of development and progression is in most parts thanks to your fantastic ongoing support of the team. Thanks Giant Bicycles Australia for our superb bikes, Torq Nutrition Australia for race nutrition and post race recovery (this is a big reason we can back up each and everyday) Cyclemania, Snap, McDonald’s, InfoCrank and all the other Team sponsors.
Lastly thanks to the crew back in Perth doing great work for the team and the staff that were on tour, now focus is only riding the momentum into and beyond Tour of Gippsland (September 3rd-7th),

Thanks everyone!!!!

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28 Jul 2014

Tour of Murray 2014

Great result overall with top 10 on GC, 6th in Teams Classification, Kane Walker podiuming during one stage and Pat Saw winning most aggressive rider award in Stage 1

Stage 1 Report – by Pat Shaw

Stage 2 Report

Stage 3 Report

Stage 4 Report

Stage 5 Report

Tour Wrap-up

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03 Mar 2014

Pemberton Crit 2014

A few photos from the Pemberton Crit with Theo Yates taking the win in a sprint.

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27 Jan 2014

NZ Cycle Classic 2014

The next challenge for the Satalyst Giant Racing Team is the 2014 NZ Cycle Classic, which starts on Wednesday.

This international tour has cemented its position as New Zealand’s premier stage race. The 2014 edition has attracted the strongest-ever field contesting the UCI 2.2-rated event. The Satalyst Giant Team, a mixture of youth and experience, comprises:

  • Pat Shaw- Team captain
  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • Kane Walker
  • Theo Yates
  • Alex McGregor
  • Gary Boylan-Team manager
  • Adrian Spinelli-Team physio

Big thanks also to Brett Tivers, one of the Team’s alumni who lives in NZ, for giving up his time to help the Team out with local support and knowledge.


Stage 2 - Three SGR riders in the top ten today at the NZ Cycle Classic! More info when it comes to hand

Update after stage 3 -Michael Fitzgerald 7th, Pat Shaw 11th and Alex McGregor 15th. 2 riders in contention for General Classification. Pat Shaw 13th @ 17 secs.  Michael Fitzgerald. 23rd at 14 seconds behind race leader

A great week of racing from all involved at the NZCC and for all our helpers like Brett Tivers who was a key helper in all that we did over there.

In summary we finished 6th in GC with Pat Shaw and 4th in the teams classification.

Thanks for all our sponsors for helping make this possible.


YouTube Videos

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23 Jan 2014

Tifosi TDU Sundowner Jan 2014

The Satalyst Giant Tifosi again hosted a sundowner in Adelaide during the Tour Down Under. It was a great night at the Belgium Beer Cafe with over 60 Team sponsors, Tifosi members,  Team riders and their guests catching up with mates and enjoying the range of Belgium beers on tap. Most of the crew were from WA but some of the other guests included Andrea Nicosia (PuntoTours) from Italy and Phil Anderson.
There was a bit of excitement at the end of the show when the Satalyst Giant riders who had been racing in a late evening criterium arrived with the news that Jono Bolton was the overall winner of the 3 race series

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20 Jan 2014

Norwood Crit 19 Jan

Jono Bolton carried his good form from Nationals to Adelaide winning the A grade Norwood CC kermesse from a 3 man breakaway including Sam Davis.
Good news for those coming to the Tifosi TDU sundowner. Brad Linfield will be joining us. Brad, who previously rode for the Team, has earned a ride in the TDU as part of the Uni SA team.

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10 Jan 2014

National Crit Titles 2014

Pat Shaw has won the Sprint Jersey in the Elite Mens national Crit Title.
After the team was well represented by Michael Fitzgerald in 5th and Jono Bolton in 13th we have a fine display from Pat to claim the sprint jersey ahead of the eventual winner Steele Van Hoff of Garmin.
Well done to all the boys who raced today we look forward to seeing how you all end up on Saturday (U23) and on Sunday (Elite men’s)
We thank all of our sponsors for making this possible.

Kind Regards -Wayne Evans

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04 Jan 2014

Michelton Bay crits

A strong Satalyst Giant team will be contesting the Michelton Bay crits this week including a special guest rider.

The Team:
Pat Shaw
Kane Walker
Jackson Mawby
Tim Sellar
Guest : Mark O’Brien

Mark is one of Australia’s leading riders and won the year long overall national road series in 2012. We were struggling to find a 5th rider to fill the spot from within our ranks with many riders committed to their build up for Road Nationals and track nationals. The boys are very pleased to have such a reputable rider join the team for the series.

The racing should be on SBS mainstream television over the coming weeks so keep a look out for the boys in black and orange.

Stage 3 – Nice work Pat Shaw and the team with a 2nd place – some good company there

2014 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic Report:Kane Walker
Is there a faster way to start the New Year? Not likely! The 2014 Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic marks the first race of the 2014 cycling season here in Australia, subsequently the debut race for the Satalyst Giant Racing team for both Pat Shaw and myself (Kane Walker). We were joined by the young and upcoming talents of Jackson Mawby and Tim Sellar; both eager to soak up all the experience they could from the racing ahead. Mark O’Brian stared as our guest rider to round out a young and ambitious team.

Stage one always brings with it a sense of anticipation and dread. Some would shy away from the demanding hot dog style circuit of the beach front, due to its volatile nature. Three of the SGR team started, Jackson, Tim and I. Being the first stage, nerves where tense and carnage was a high possibility. Jackson was unfortunately a victim of the repetitious cornering, coming down part-way through the hour long race; however true to his dedicated nature, he was back on the bike and eager to get the most out of the racing. An early break proved to be too much for the chasing bunch, therefore lapping the field. As the race progressed some of the boys tried to get across, following various moves, however these moves did not amount to anything as the break was moving too quickly. The SGR boys retired in the bunch, satisfied to get through the first stage relatively unscathed.
Stage two provided a new opportunity to get into the action, as always position and race sense would be the lessons of the day in this professional field. Joining the team today was Pat Shaw and Mark O’Brian; Pat started the day with a straight to the point pep talk “prove yourself; I don’t give kudos were it ain’t due!” Both Pat and Mark proved to be on good form, making regular appearances in moves. Both Tim and I found the splitting field, early in the race, to be our down fall (refer to lessons of the day- positioning in crits). High winds buffeted the peloton at either end of Eastern Gardens and the fast tailwind on the rough downhill section required maximum effort each lap if you were too far back in the field (one metre blew out to ten in the blink of an eye.) The team was working well together; I closed a few gaps, allowing Marko to move up the front and Pat was teaching Jackson to following moves. This proved beneficial for Pat finishing 14th (however disappointed not be in the top 10). Pat’s high standards and self-expectations are projected to the whole team and results in everyone pushing for greater goals – an excellent role model.

Rain and Criteriums never mix well, throw in the Portarlington circuit with two downhill sharp corners and steep ascents from the beach make a great spectacle for the viewing audience. The Men’s Support Teams race was the first victim of the weather, seeing two riders hit the deck mid race – red flagging the race for the day. Unfortunately the weather also claimed one of the female racers, crashing in the warm-up lap – such is the volatility of the Bay Cycling Classic. Fortune would shine on the Elite Men’s race, as high winds were the worst of the weather. The racing started at a furious pace, as always, the peloton scrambling into the tight corners before the first climb of many. Cold legs would prove disastrous, however the SGR team settled into the fast tempo of the early racing. A crash leading into the climb, about 20mins into racing saw a huge breaking up of the field. Pat had capitalised on his previous day’s momentum to seek the early move and found himself in the company of the previous U23 World Time Trial Champion Luke Durbridge. It wasn’t long before the break had a commanding lead that would see them to the end. Pat was only just edged out by his prestigious breakaway compatriot in a tense headwind sprint, while the rest of the boys endured another day of top shelf racing. Congratulations to Pat for a stellar ride, showcasing the team colours proudly for its first of many podiums for the year.

Final day; the Williamstown circuit proved to be lightning fast from the start, with the first four GC placing’s within a few points of each other. The near hurricane conditions tested the race barriers nearly as much as the riders. This course is renowned as a tight, fast circuit with repetitious bottle necking into the roundabout followed by crosswinds winds smashing the riders; leaving very little chance for recovery. The first 15-20mins was one big pace line. The teams obviously wanted a bunch kick for their GC contenders to be able to contest the intermediate sprints, thus gaining much needed points in a bid for overall glory. With any breakaway doomed to fail, it was inevitable that the finale would allow the crowds to view the fast men at their game. It did not disappoint, with young beating old, seeing Caleb Ewan taking the stage and dark horse Brenton Jones taking GC for his biggest win to date. The SGR boys were content with a solid week of hard racing that brought valuable experience to a young team. The podium result was a great morale booster to round off another Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic.

The younger riders in the team showed great resilience to the professional racing and are sure to have gained valuable experience. Bravo Tim and Jackson. Special mention must be given to Kath and Andrew Mawby for their un-dwindling support of the Satalyst Giant Racing team during the Bay Cycling Classic, as well as the major sponsors that make our competitive participation a reality: Seight Custom Cycling Clothing, Giant Australia, Torq Nutrition, Satalyst, Mcdonalds WA, Inforcrank and Cyclemania. Bring on the next challenge.

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15 Nov 2013

Tour of Margaret River 2013

Great result from the 2 Satalyst Giant Racing teams winning the Elite race and taking out each stage and overall – more info here – and Many thanks to all the organisers, volunteers and other teams across all categories that made it such a fun and memorable event

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